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Fashion & Style 4K TV

The Whole World of Fashion in Ultra HD

TV channel description

Fashion & Style 4K TV is an international TV channel about the whole world of fashion and lifestyle in an exceptional Ultra HD 4K quality.

Comprehensive and timely coverage of mainstream fashion events worldwide. Paris, Milan, Miami, London, Madrid, New York – get into the most sensational, memorable looks and shows from big Fashion Weeks around the globe.

Discover fashion for the aisle with the top wedding gowns collections, the latest trends in tuxes and suits, stylish accessories, and stunning looks for bridesmaids.

F&S Kids brings a kaleidoscope of innovative designs and latest trends in babies and kids’ fashion. Classic, sport, day-to-day wear, and everything in between is a happy adventure in colour, print and style!

Fashion shows, glamorous parties, private events. Backstage exclusives and interviews with designers, models, make-up artists, art and creative directors, influencers and much more, including Dance in Style program to keep fit and have fun!